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"Breathing pure oxygen speeds up the healing process...I first used the chamber to heal a broken thumb and believe it resulted in a return to action a week or ten days earlier than would otherwise have been the case”

Marcus Trescothick

Captain Somerset County Cricket Club

"I can honestly say that without my regular visits - for physiotherapy, aromatherapy and oxygen therapy – I would not have been able to continue my very demanding job as a rugby commentator for the BBC for quite as long as I did”

Alastair Hignell, CBE

Oxygen Treatment  

Oxygen Treatment is very popular at our Centre.  Since the Centre opened in Nailsea in 1985, well over 100,000 Oxygen Treatment sessions have been provided.  A number of our members have been receiving this treatment for over 20 years and say it helps them manage their wide-ranging symptoms, from reduction of fatigue, to improving continence, balance and cognition.

Oxygen Treatment is provided in a specially designed chamber, which can seat up to eight people.  A session lasts for up to an hour and a half – we advise people, particularly those new to the treatment, to allow for 2 hours at the centre.

The chamber chairs can be moved to accommodate wheelchairs so the treatment is accessible to all.
All sessions are run by qualified operators who will talk you through the treatment before your first session, and will be available throughout should you have any questions. 

What is Oxygen Treatment?
Oxygen Treatment is where a person or group of people sit in a chamber which is gradually pressurised using valves controlled by the chamber operator.  The sensation of pressurisation is similar to that experienced when taking off or landing in an aeroplane.

When the required pressure is reached, the people in the chamber put on masks which allow them to breathe pure (100%) oxygen.  By breathing pure oxygen in a pressurised environment, the body is able to absorb more oxygen. 
Research shows that inflammation of tissue (which is typical in MS), severely reduces the transport of oxygen to the nervous system, and this may inhibit the body’s ability to reduce the inflammation, thus increasing the risk of permanent plaque formation.

Although the damage caused by MS cannot be prevented by oxygen treatment, many of our members find that it reduces the severity of their symptoms. 

How will I know what to do?
All sessions are overseen by a minimum of two trained operators, who are re-qualified under nationally set operating and maintenance procedures.  Anyone new to the treatment will be shown how to fit their mask, what to do if they feel uncomfortable at any point, and talked through any relevant procedures.
In addition, due to the numbers of people who receive the treatment, you will in all likelihood be sitting with someone who has had multiple treatments.  As well as being an effective treatment for many people, most of our members find that the oxygen chamber is a very sociable space – indeed, sometimes we have to remind them to put their masks on instead of chatting for the entire session!

Can I take anything in to the chamber?
We try to limit too much clutter in the chamber as it is a relatively small space, and some items are not permitted (you will be told what these are). However, while undergoing treatment you are welcome to read (we have books and magazines you can borrow, or you can bring your own), relax (although we discourage sleeping in the chamber), or even check emails or play games using the Centre’s wifi.  We allow phones and ipads in the chamber although these are taken in at your own risk as the pressure can (rarely) affect some devices.  In addition, we ask that you do not disturb others in the chamber who may be trying to relax.

How do I get started?
Everyone who comes to the Centre will have an initial assessment where details of condition, symptoms and mobility will be recorded. During this assessment, the various treatments that the Centre offers will be discussed and, if you are interested in receiving Oxygen Treatment, you will be able to book in once your assessment is completed.
You will need an initial ‘saturation’ period of 15 sessions – one per day (Monday to Friday) over 3 weeks. After which you’ll find a comfortable pressure and regularity to your treatments. Most people attend once a week, but you might find that you benefit more by coming twice a week, or don’t need it as often.

Not everyone feels a benefit or a change in their symptoms when receiving oxygen treatment – there is no requirement that you continue the treatment if you do not feel it is working for you. 

Oxygen Treatment Timetables

Each session last approximately 1 hour & 20 minutes, please allow for 2 hours at the Centre.


Pressure 1.5ATA

Pressure 1.75ATA

Pressure 2ATA



09:00 / 10:30 /15:15 / 17:00




09:15 / 14:00

12:15 / 15:45



10:30 / 12:00

09:00 / 15:00



13:30 /15:15

09:00 / 12:00


09:00 /15:15

12:00 /15:15

10:30 / 13:40

Other conditions treated with Oxygen Treatment

Neurological Conditions:
Physical ailments: Physical injuries such as:
Cerebral Palsy
Huntingtons Disease
Motor Neurone Disease
M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy)
Fibro Myalgia
Wound Healing
Diabetic Ulcers
Rheumatoid Arthitis
Groin Strain
Ligament Strain
Tendon Repair

We are also able to offer Physiotherapy and access to our other treatments. Please contact us for more information.


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